How to Change Your Name in Gmail

 It is important to know that you cannot modify your Gmail address (so I hope you chose well), unless you open a new account, but you can easily change the name associated with your account. Please keep reading to know how to change your name in your Gmail account.

So, first log into your Gmail account, by typing your username and password and click “Login”.

gmail-log in

Then you have to click in the upper right corner of the mail interface. Coick on the gear icon, at the top right of the page and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu. You should click the fourth option from the bottom.



After this, you must click “Accounts.” This option is located at the fourth position from the left at the top of the settings panel. Once there, you must go down to the “Send Mail As” section and find the email address you want to edit by selecting “Edit info”. This option will be to the right of your email address.


Finally, you must write your name in the empty space under your previous name and click on the “Save Changes” button. This will update your user name with the new want you selected. If you have doubts whether the change has really worked, you can send a mail message to a friend or relative and see if this change has been successful.


How to Remove a Gmail Account

All of us have experienced this situation. You have had more than one (free?) email account, one for your work, one for your friends, one for your teachers and maybe also one for flirting…And after a time you decide to clean up all this and want to delete the unnecessary email accounts and keep just one or two, which are those you really use. It is important to know that after deciding to delete an email account, you can not reuse the same account with the same username.

The first step that must be taken to remove a Gmail account is to log on through the Google address:

Once there, pelase log in with you username and password.

sign gmail account.-

After this first step, you must go to the top menu to access “data tools” in order to continue the process of removing the Gmail account and other Google products.


Then the next step is to click on the “Delete Account and Data” option. It may happen that you cannot see that link. In that case, the most likely is that your Gmail account has been created from a company or organization and must be removed from Google Apps.

Data Tools - Gmail

Finally the last step in this removal process of the Gmail account is to proceed to confirm the deletion of your email account. To do this, you must check both boxes that are next to the following phrases:

- “Yes, I want to delete my account.”

- “Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for any charges incurred due to any pending financial transactions.”


After this, your Gmail account won´t exist anymore. As advice, maybe you first want to import the contacts, emails, documents, etc. of this account to the account you want to keep, because you are going to lost all this information. Then, you should be sure all the important information is already saved in any other place.

How to import contacts from other accounts to Gmail

If you had an account with another email provider and you’ve opened a Gmail account, you may need to import contacts from your previous email account. In this post, you will see how easy it is to transfer your contacts to Gmail.

Gmail supports many kinds of contact formats: by importing CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and even some other apps. Gmail also supports importing vCard from apps like Apple Address Book.

So, in your main Gmail interface, you have to options to start this tutorial, by clicking the gear on the right upper corner or by clicking “Import contacts” on the left sidebar when you go to Contacts.

If you click the gear, go to Settings, select Accounts and Import, Import Mail and Contacts.

create gmail account

Follow the prompts that appear, and you will have your contacts imported.

If you choose the other options, go to Gmail–>Contacts on the left upper corner, and when the left sidebar appear click Import Contacts. In this case Gmail will ask you to select a file (CSV files for example). This is when you have, for example, an Outlook account and you want to import the contacts from there.

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How to create a strong password for your Gmail account

create gmail account It is very easy for hackers to find out passwords when they are not strong enough. Then, there are some tips you may follow if you want to keep safe your Gmail account. If you follow this steps, you can be almost sure your password is strong enough to defeat any hacker in this world.

  • You shouldn´t use personal information to create your password. For example, the name of your kids or husband/wife, your birth date or of your relatives.
  • Create a password as a combination of letters, caps, numbers, and symbols. These are the stronger passwords, the most difficult to find out.
  • Don´t use the same password for every account you have. Try to use different passwords for each account of your own.
  • Try to change frequently the password of your Gmail account. Not all the people follow this advice but this is a very good option to keep safe your account.

And a very good option is that you can enable the two-step verification to add an additional layer of security. To use two-step verification, you have access to your phone and your username and password, when you sign into your Google account. This means that if someone steals or finds out your password, you can not log in to your account because they do not have your phone. Thus, you can protect yourself with something you’ve memorized (your password) and something that belongs to you (your Cell phone). To enable the two-step verification, go to the following site:

How to add contacts to Gmail

Your Gmail account also offers you a contact list to have all your contacts organized. In this post we are going to explain how to add contacts. When you want to add contacts to your Gmail account, please follow these steps. First of all, in the main interface of your Gmail account, you have to first click the Gmail button on the left upper corner and select “Contacts”.

create gmail account

On the new page, click on “Add contact” on the upper side. There you simply write the email of the contact and then click on “Add”.

create gmail account fast

Now you can see and manage the contact you have added in the list.

create new gmail account

Anyway, contacts are added automatically to your contacts list when you receive an email from someone, each time you use the Reply, Reply to all, or Forward functions to send mail to addresses that don’t already exist in your Contacts lis. You can find them in the “Other contacts” group on the left side.

If you don´t want that contact are automatically added to your contacts list, then click on the gear symbol, select settings, and in the general tab, find “Create contacts for auto-complete” setting and choose “I´ll add contacts myself”.

To delete contacts, you simply select the contact, and click on More–>delete contacts.

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