How to import contacts from other accounts to Gmail

If you had an account with another email provider and you’ve opened a Gmail account, you may need to import contacts from your previous email account. In this post, you will see how easy it is to transfer your contacts to Gmail.

Gmail supports many kinds of contact formats: by importing CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and even some other apps. Gmail also supports importing vCard from apps like Apple Address Book.

So, in your main Gmail interface, you have to options to start this tutorial, by clicking the gear on the right upper corner or by clicking “Import contacts” on the left sidebar when you go to Contacts.

If you click the gear, go to Settings, select Accounts and Import, Import Mail and Contacts.


Follow the prompts that appear, and you will have your contacts imported.

If you choose the other options, go to Gmail–>Contacts on the left upper corner, and when the left sidebar appear click Import Contacts. In this case Gmail will ask you to select a file (CSV files for example). This is when you have, for example, an Outlook account and you want to import the contacts from there.

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How to create a strong password for your Gmail account

crear-una-contrasena-segura It is very easy for hackers to find out passwords when they are not strong enough. Then, there are some tips you may follow if you want to keep safe your Gmail account. If you follow this steps, you can be almost sure your password is strong enough to defeat any hacker in this world.

  • You shouldn´t use personal information to create your password. For example, the name of your kids or husband/wife, your birth date or of your relatives.
  • Create a password as a combination of letters, caps, numbers, and symbols. These are the stronger passwords, the most difficult to find out.
  • Don´t use the same password for every account you have. Try to use different passwords for each account of your own.
  • Try to change frequently the password of your Gmail account. Not all the people follow this advice but this is a very good option to keep safe your account.

And a very good option is that you can enable the two-step verification to add an additional layer of security. To use two-step verification, you have access to your phone and your username and password, when you sign into your Google account. This means that if someone steals or finds out your password, you can not log in to your account because they do not have your phone. Thus, you can protect yourself with something you’ve memorized (your password) and something that belongs to you (your Cell phone). To enable the two-step verification, go to the following site:

How to add contacts to Gmail

Your Gmail account also offers you a contact list to have all your contacts organized. In this post we are going to explain how to add contacts. When you want to add contacts to your Gmail account, please follow these steps. First of all, in the main interface of your Gmail account, you have to first click the Gmail button on the left upper corner and select “Contacts”.


On the new page, click on “Add contact” on the upper side. There you simply write the email of the contact and then click on “Add”.


Now you can see and manage the contact you have added in the list.


Anyway, contacts are added automatically to your contacts list when you receive an email from someone, each time you use the Reply, Reply to all, or Forward functions to send mail to addresses that don’t already exist in your Contacts lis. You can find them in the “Other contacts” group on the left side.

If you don´t want that contact are automatically added to your contacts list, then click on the gear symbol, select settings, and in the general tab, find “Create contacts for auto-complete” setting and choose “I´ll add contacts myself”.

To delete contacts, you simply select the contact, and click on More–>delete contacts.


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How to retrieve your Gmail password

If you are trying to access to Gmail and you forgot your password, you need to reset it.

In the “Sign in” webpage, we click on “Need help?”.


When clicking on there, anothe page will appear asking what is the problem. We select “I don´t know my password” and check that the email is well written below. Then click “Continue”.


You will be redirected to anothe page that asks you to enter the last password you remember (in case you changed recently your password), but we suppose you don´t remember any password, so please click “I don´t know”.


When you registered your Gmail account, you had to enter an alternative email address. So you know now why this was necessary. In next page, Gmail says you to reset your password by going to the alternative address. Click “Continue”; but, what if you have deleted this email address? Then click on the second option. Some questions will be asked you to confirm you are the owner of this Gmail account. But in any case, you will have to give an alternative email address.


Option 1: you´ve clicked Continue. Now go to your alternative email address. Check the email from Google you received, click on the link, and now you will be requested to reset your password. It´s done.



Option 2: you have to verify your identity. Give an alternative email address. Then you will have to give some another information. If everything is correct, an email to reset your password will be sent to the alternative email you´ve given in this option.

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How to save emails in your Gmail account

We have many ways of saving our emails in Gmails to organize them, so that they are not simply in Inbox, making a visual chaos.

First of all, we remember you that your emails inbox will be automatically organized in normal emails, social emails (from social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on) and promotions emails.

Let´s see right now only our primary email. If we check the left box of an email, in the upper side of the interface some options will appear:


  1. Archive: It disappears from your Inbox and you can see it again in the “All Mail” section. Let´s say it is useful when this email is not important, you don´t want to organize it but neither have it in Inbox and neither remove it. You can revert the operation laterly.
  2. Report spam: if the Gmail filter has not filter it as a spam, you can define it now. Any other email from this address is going to the spam automatically.
  3. Delete: to send it to the Trash.
  4. Move to: you can move it to any other label or folder from Gmail.
  5. Label as: you can define it in one of your created labels.
  6. More: here you can see another options, like mark the email as read/unread, mark as important, add it to tasks, add a star to it, you can define that the filter also filters messages like the one you´ve choosen, and mute this email (there you can be sure future conversations of these are always out of your Inbox).